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Hear Our Stories:

Sarah. Just when she was about to start Kindergarten, Sarah's journey with Leukemia began.  She forged forward with treatment to attack this ruthless disease.  After months of treatment and hospitalizations, she was granted a Wish from Make A Wish.  She and her family enjoyed a magical trip to Disney World.  She then was deemed in remission, however Leukemia was lurking around the next corner and while in third grade she was once again fighting the battle.  At that time as any little girl would, she asked her mom if she could have another wish.  With no organization available to grant wishes a second time, Sarah's school teachers and PTA granted her the wish of a laptop computer.  With the computer she was able to keep in contact with her family, friends and teachers. Sadly Sarah lost her fight while in the 6th grade. Sarah felt so blessed by this special gift that she wanted other children to be able to have the opportunity to have a "Second Wish" come true; thus Second Wish was born. 

Ian. Ian's life long wish was to go whale watching. And so we helped make his dream come true. 

Dylan. Dylan was diagnosed with Accute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in February of 2006. He relapsed in March of 2013. Dylan loves to play video games, hike, ride his bike and spend time with friends. He’s a member of his school marching band and loves to wrestle. Dylan has been through so much, and has missed out on so many normal teen experiences. Dylan’s WISH was for a futon and TV for his room. We were able to get a great futon from Sleep Country in Silverdale and a TV from our Navy Exchange on Bangor. Walsh Construction installed the TV.

2018 Trampoline Wish (19).JPG

Savannah. Savannah dreamed of fun with family and friends on a backyard trampoline.

Music Keyboard Wish Media Release Y (73)

Haley. Haley wished for a keyboard and vocal lessons!  She also wished for waffles, which came in a delightful waffle basket!  All sorts of waffle related eats!


Braylon.  'Braylons family had a planned trip to Disney.  Secondwish partnered with the family to create extra special moments for Braylon and her family while they were there!


Angelina. Angelina wished for a shopping spree!  Her wish was granted with several store specific gift cards.  A special "Thank You" to Dicks Sporting Goods in Tacoma for the generous discounted coupon!

Noah Markstrom 1.JPG

Noah.  Noah is all about cake pops! He also has a passion for small wooden trains!  His wish came true when numerous cake pop making supplies arrived at his door -- along with a wooden train set! 


Heliodoro. Heliodoro loves video games! No surprise that he wished for an X-Box, complete with games and an extra wireless controller. 


Lovella. Lovella wished for a Nintendo Switch, games and and a shopping spree!  Due to Covid-19, her gifts were delivered at door front.  Lovella had a surprise at her door for several days in a row!

Owen. Owen crafted the perfect media room, complete with Tv's, LED lighting, a desk with a chair and stylish storage spaces.  Did we mention he wanted a few LED's?  SecondWish created a spectacular space for Owen to enjoy with his family and friends!

The above stories are shared with permission of the family.  Not all families provide media releases

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