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How It All Began:

Second Wish all began with Sarah. Sarah's journey with Leukemia began when she was just about to start Kindegarten. After months of treatment and hospitalization, she was granted a wish from Make A Wish. She and her family enjoyed a magical trip to Disney World, after which she was deemed in remission. But Leukemia was lurking just around the corner.


When she was in third grade the battle began again.  At that time, as any little girl would, she asked her mom if she could have another wish.  With no organization available to grant wishes a second time, Sarah's school teachers and PTA granted her the wish of a laptop computer.  With the computer she was able to keep in contact with her family, friends and teachers. Sadly Sarah lost her fight while in the 6th grade. Sarah felt so blessed by this special gift that she wanted other children to be able to have the opportunity to have a "Second Wish" come true; thus Second Wish was born

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